“Cap Haïtien” A Paradisiacal Town (Part 1)


Cap Haïtien A City where everyone Can Live and spend wonderful Moments.

Mag Blog Decided To Interview some citizens in this town. Let’s begin with Maxim Laroche ( @HaitiUncut) who’s a professional photographer.


Mag Blog : To start tell me more about you.

MaximMy name is Maxim Laroche and I was born in Port-au-Prince at Hopital Canapé Vert in 1986. I grew up in Cap-Haitien playing with homemade slingshots, marbles, and spin tops. Fishing became a passion at an early age and I continue to do so very avidly these days.

Being raised in Haiti really gives you a different perspective on life and when I went to highschool stateside, that factor became ever more prevalent. The general foreign  perception of Haiti is AIDS, poverty, and garbage.

This wasn’t the Haiti I knew and I always felted compelled to change this negative perception.

Mag Blog : When did you start photographying ?

Maxim : I started photographing in the 9th grade after taking a photojournalism class. Taking pictures and recording moments became a fascinating hobby which I continued on till today.

Mag Blog : Did You think to leave Cap Haitien one day?

Maxim : I have never thought to leave Haiti until all the recent election issues and coming to the realization that my generation got dealt a shitty hand of cards. The 80s generation was born to dechoukaj, embargo, and all other sorts of political turmoil. As a maturing adult, it is a difficult decision to make wether or not you want your children to experience the continued hardships that come with life in Haiti.

Mag Blog : Why Did you choose Cap Haitien?

Maxim : I didn’t choose Cap-Haitien. I am the 9th generation of my family to be born and raised in Northern Haiti. I pray that one day my children will be the 10th.

Mag Blog : Now Tell me something Cap Haitien Learned to you.

Maxim : Okap is an astounding place with lots of beauty to offer. If you open your eyes and know where to go, whether it’s the people, the beaches, or our historical sights your always in for an amazing adventure. Respect and courtesy are one of the benchmarks that make this a great place. If you say sak pasé/ bonjou/bonswa and flash a genuine smile, you’ll get the same in return and be safe wherever you are.

Maxim Laroche With Friend
Cap Haitien By @HaitiUncut
Cap Haitien By @HaitiUncut



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