“Cap Haïtien” A Paradisiacal Town (Part 2)

Cap Haïtien A City where everyone Can Live and spend wonderful Moments.

Mag Blog Decided To Interview some citizens in this town. Let’s continue with Hunter Kittrell (@hunter.kittrell) who’s also a professional photographer.

To start tell me more about you.

My name is Hunter Kittrell and I am a 30 something originally from Tennessee, USA.  My wife, three kids, and I have lived here for 6 years and we run a small organization (EmmausHouseHaiti.org) to help youth transition from orphanage life to a life of independence and self sufficiency.  

When did you start photographying? 

I began taking pictures as a hobby back in 2005 and never really started shooting professionally until about a year after I moved to Haiti (2012).  Since then I have shot for companies such as Prestige and Digicel, and local businesses such as Cormier Plage, Lakay Restaurant, and Habitation Jouissant.  

Did you think To leave Cap Haïtien one day? 

As much as I love living in Cap Haitien, we will be leaving after about one year.  Two of my children are Haitian and our adoption is nearly finished.  Once we are able to travel back to the states with them, we would like to move home so we can be closer to family.  

Why did you choose cap haïtien? Many people will choose The capital. 

My wife and I started coming to Cap in 2006 to work at a local orphanage.  Coming back year after year, we fell in love with the kids, and the culture of this place.  Now that we have been here so long, it is easy for me to say that I would not want to live anywhere else on the island.  We love it here!  The options of beaches at Labadee to the historic sights like Sans Souci Palace and the Citadelle Laferriere are among the top destinations in all of Haiti, and they are right here in our backyard! 

Now tell me something Cap Haïtien learned To you.

Living in Cap Haitien, really has taught me a lot about myself. I have really been able to open up to the culture and see life through the eyes of the people here. I have made so many friends and have learned valuable lessons from all of them of how to be joyful, patient, thankful, and helpful to others no matter what my own circumstances.  As my time in Haiti draws closer to an end, I know that I have grown so much during my time here, but when I leave, my heart will still be here.  I love Haiti and I know that I will be back!

Hunter Kittrell

Citadelle Laferriere By @Hunter.Kittrell
Cap Haïtien By @Hunter.Kittrell

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