My Adventure At Bel Fle Missions Hôtel

As you may not know “Bel Fle” is the meaning of Beautiful Flower in Haitian creole.

My adventure there is unforgettable. Let me invite you to join my pleasant experience.

Patricia Drummond-Bey the Hospitality and Travel consultant for Bel Fle welcomed me with a fresh glass of water and introduced me to  “Bel Fle’s” team.

From the left Manager Gusnord, Patricia Drummond Bey Hospitality and Travel Consultant and Marguerite Carmene CEO Mag Blog and Instagram Touristic Platform “Inside Haiti” (@inside_haiti__)

The hotel is located on Rue MBC #12 Bon Repos, La Plaine. Nobody can imagine this little piece of paradise until the hotel gate opens up.

A quiet place with it’s own leisure, Bel Fle has many options for those of you wanting to spend some good Times in Haïti. The Hôtel offers Different types and sizes of rooms to accomodate single travelers, couples, families and large groups. In addition Bel Fle gives you the opportunity to rent apartments for longer period of time (2 weeks minimum stay required).

At The entrance of the Hôtel you’ll find a very unique and picturesque piece of art the owner of Bel Fle bought in Croix Des Bouquets after a long period of negotiation with the artist.

The Masterpiece
“Life Is Hard Because of January 12th”

Bel Fle is composed by Haitian Art.

I had the chance to tour some of the apartments which are very gorgeous and independent of the rest of the property. Inside of the loft style units you can find a living room a kitchen a full bathroom and a comfortable bedroom located on top of the kitchen area.

About the rooms

Inside each room, you can find a mini fridge stocked with bottles of water, a coffee maker and a cup along with a Package of pure Haitian coffee, a closet with a hair dryer, an iron, an ironing board, extra blankets and a laundry bag as the hotel offers laundry services to their guests. There is also a nighstand with a Bluetooth speaker, a Bible, a note pad, a pen, an alarm clock, a guestbook full of information and a lamp. Each room is decorated with beautiful Haitian Art purchased directly with local vendors and artists.

The Bathrooms are comfortable and your intimacy is the priority. In the bathrooms, you will find many towels, a bottle of shaving cream, a razor, a shampoo and conditioner. You’ll find all you’ll need for your stay.

After my delicious lunch, I spent the entire afternoon poolside. The staff checked on me multiple times and brought me fresh juices. It was excellent and simply delicious. The blend of natural fruits and the warm pool water made my day.

After your stay Bel Fle gives you the opportunity to write a review in a “Guest Book” 

The Guest Book

Bel Fle isn’t just a place, it’s somewhere you want to live, you feel right at home. A place that express itself. Going to Bel Fle can help you to focus on your vision, if you are a writer this is the right place to get your inspiration, your tranquility is their priority.

Bel Fle taught me that you can turn a grain of sand into a wonderful place.

I won’t forget the sweet water of the pool and the awesome sunset over the rooftop.

For More information, please be sure to visit

All the Photographs are edited & taken by : Mag Blog ©


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