My Adventure At Bel Fle Missions Hôtel (Special Feature)

As you already know, i have visited Bel Fle Missions Hôtel three months ago and i can’t stop thinking about my stay there.

I was there with my co-worker and it was great, here is a special feature with some beautiful pictures.

Here are some unviewed pictures of my stay at Bel Fle Missions Hotel

The flag of the United States of America, The official flag of Bel Fle and the national flag of Haiti
From the Left : Marguerite Carmene Vil Author of Mag Blog and Marina Vil Photograph of Mag Blog
Outside each rooms you can find two chairs for your relaxation
The lunch : Grilled fish, Rice in haitian way, salad and Lemon juice.
The dessert : Vanilla ice cream with a supplement of Caramel and Grape
The aperitif : Fruits (Melon)
A beautiful photography with two members of the staff

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