Discover Haiti with Patricia Drummond-Bey

Patricia Drummond- Bey, born in Malmedy in Belgium June 16, 1975 residing in New Jersey tells us about his love for Haiti , Mag Blog has decide to interview the founder of Lets Go Haiti during the month of August.


Mag Blog : To begin, let’s talk about Let’s Go Haiti.

Patricia : First of all, Let’s Go Haiti is a tour company that allows tourist from everywhere to visit and discover Haiti and its non-comparable beauty in a nice and relax way. I started LGH to show the whole world that Haiti has everything to become a touristic site.
Haiti is more than what the media portrays it to be. There is life, hope, motivation and Haiti deserve to be known in a positive way.

Mag Blog : What made you wanted to start tours and excursions in Haiti?

Patricia : I started coming in Haiti in 2005. For me, it was love at first sight..A love story. I am fascinated by this place. I was attracted to a lot of things, I wanted to come back and learn more. The welcoming and resign people, the delicious food, the music and vibrating culture and the tropical weather are part of the main reasons why Haiti stole my heart. I saw a crazy potential. Haiti needs to be known for its culture, heritage and possibilities. I wanted to offer tours to give a positive image of the country. Haiti is more than instable politic and natural disasters. Haiti has to be appreciated and visited. My goal and principal desire are to promote his tourism by showing support while encouraging my clients to invest and buy local products. I also encourage the Haitians to be proud of their origin and to participate in my excursions which allow them to discover our local tourism.

Mag Blog : Have you ever wanted to live in Haiti?

Patricia : Absolutely! If I could, i would already live there. There are so many beautiful places. Personally the country side and its tranquility attract me more than the city and the daily traffic. Who knows.. One day I hope to be there on my full time! We’ll see…..

Mag Blog : Do you have other plans for Haiti with your company?

Patricia : Yes, I would love to expand my tours. For now I am mostly in south, north and west but I would like to offer more options to my clients. In addition, LGH has a humanitarian side. We visit regularly children in the south. We are some big supporters of the teens because they are the future of Haiti.

Mag Blog : Among all the places you visited in Haiti which one is your favorite?

Patricia : Difficult question because so many places fascinates me all around the country. I love île à Vache a lot. Its simplicity is charming. Its calm and the nature is peaceful. The people of the island are welcoming. Its really relaxing. Its the perfect place to spend summer.

Mag Blog : Do you have family who lives in Haiti?

Patricia : This question is a trap because I don’t have real family in Haiti but I have friends that I consider real family. A lot of people touched my heart with their kindness and acceptance.

Mag Blog : If you had an advice for the tourists, what would it be?

Patricia : My advice would be: “Come to Haiti with an opened mind and a thirst for a unique experience. Treat Haiti like any other destination. Give to Haiti the chance to seduce you.”

Patricia Drummond-Bey at Gressier in April 2016